“You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.
– Confucius

How will coaching benefit you in your role?

Senior managers and leaders often have a coach to help them be more effective in their role.  However, it seems that those working within HR might find a coach for a colleague but are not as ready to find one for themselves. Yet the value of coaching is the same, regardless of sector, industry or specialism. 

In senior roles having time and a place to think can be challenging.  Coaching provides this confidential and safe space.  Time invested in a coaching session provides a highly effective return by giving greater clarity and direction.

Examples of coaching benefits

• The opportunity to work through a particular challenge and leave with defined outcomes and a plan to get there.

• Taking time for a broader strategic view or for longer term planning. What is your vision? Maybe considering specific organisational or industry challenges, or bringing in awareness of wider political, economic, societal and technological factors.

• Your role as a leader and manager.

• Increasing the professional credibility of HR within an organisation and establishing itself as a valued and equal member of management and leadership teams.

• Thinking commercially – how you might evidence outcomes in meaningful data and metrics when it is often hard to show a direct correlation.

• Overcoming barriers to effective, productive and collaborative team working.

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